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“Some beings come into this world as a gift, shining a light so bright that you cannot help but be drawn towards them. Tara is such a gift. I have known Tara for more than 15?? years, and I have witnessed first hand her incredible dedication to her own transformative pathway, whilst working consistently in service to others. Her embodiment and dedicated hard work to experience, understand, map and teach the pathways of bliss is a rare and precious gift to all who choose to be warmed within her orbit.

Because she has such a bubbly, joyous way about her, it might be easy to overlook her deep, quiet presence. Tara offers each person the profound attention, patience and respect that is needed for true healing and she is unafraid to travel the dark lost roads that so many people recoil from. She “walks the talk”, resonating with the integrity and honesty of one who has met the shadows of loss and death and come through to a life filled with joy, compassion and wholeness.

Her Lokananda® Yoga is a new and subtle but incredibly powerful art form, one that allows the body to self regulate. It is so refreshing after all the usual yoga performance and efforting. In combination with her extensive experience and research into the altered states of healing, Tara is a Being one can easily and deeply trust.”

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