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“I had been practicing yoga for about twenty five years when I met Tara, having worked with many teachers over the years. I feel that during those years the life giving energy that yoga brings was never fully tapped into.  The objectives of building strength and balance were earned with hard work and dedication but flexibility continued to elude me. As I grew in my practice I found myself drawn to lengthening each pose, to be more aware of each part of what my system was absorbing, yet finding these principles eluding me. There was never enough time within the given allotment.

Coming into Tara’s yoga universe changed my yoga practice and altered my life. Many of the principles of my practice from over the years would still apply, yet in a different manner. Here I came into a relationship with my spine, my sacrum the essence of kundalini. The formerly illusive flexibility is finding its way into my body. I feel the most important piece of all of Tara’s gift to me is discovering a yoga practice that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. The yoga will deepen within me as my body absorbs the benefits.”

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