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“There is a current of love-energy that flows
Between Earth below and Sun above.

The central channel of your spine is the riverbed.
The streaming is as delicate and powerful
As the tingling touch of lovers.

Entering here,
Radiance arches between above and below.

Your whole attention resting in the subtle,
Vibrating in the center of the spinal column,
Tracing this current between Earth and Sun,
Become magnetism relating all the worlds.”

– The Radiance Sutras


“Some beings come into this world as a gift, shining a light so bright that you cannot help but be drawn towards them. Tara is such a gift. I have known Tara for more than 15?? years, and I have witnessed first hand her incredible dedication to her own transformative pathway, whilst working consistently in service to others. Her embodiment and dedicated hard work to experience, understand, map and teach the pathways of bliss is a rare and precious gift to all who choose to be warmed within her orbit.

Because she has such a bubbly, joyous way about her, it might be easy to overlook her deep, quiet presence. Tara offers each person the profound attention, patience and respect that is needed for true healing and she is unafraid to travel the dark lost roads that so many people recoil from. She “walks the talk”, resonating with the integrity and honesty of one who has met the shadows of loss and death and come through to a life filled with joy, compassion and wholeness.

Her Lokananda® Yoga is a new and subtle but incredibly powerful art form, one that allows the body to self regulate. It is so refreshing after all the usual yoga performance and efforting. In combination with her extensive experience and research into the altered states of healing, Tara is a Being one can easily and deeply trust.”

Namae N

“I had been practicing yoga for about twenty five years when I met Tara, having worked with many teachers over the years. I feel that during those years the life giving energy that yoga brings was never fully tapped into.  The objectives of building strength and balance were earned with hard work and dedication but flexibility continued to elude me. As I grew in my practice I found myself drawn to lengthening each pose, to be more aware of each part of what my system was absorbing, yet finding these principles eluding me. There was never enough time within the given allotment.

Coming into Tara’s yoga universe changed my yoga practice and altered my life. Many of the principles of my practice from over the years would still apply, yet in a different manner. Here I came into a relationship with my spine, my sacrum the essence of kundalini. The formerly illusive flexibility is finding its way into my body. I feel the most important piece of all of Tara’s gift to me is discovering a yoga practice that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. The yoga will deepen within me as my body absorbs the benefits.”

Walter H

“I have been on the path of personal development and healing for over 15 years and Tara’s work stands in a league of its own when it comes to opening the energetics of the spine, unraveling trauma and supporting an open & relaxed consciousness.  She brings an authentic dedication to her own practice that translates into the profound nature of her work and the modalities she shares with students.  If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn from Tara, go for it.”

Ariel W

“Tara’s guidance has changed my life. Her deceptively simple exercises have freed my spine from half a lifetime’s worth of calcification and restored my access to an inner source of energy I had lost with my youth. She’s a gifted teacher and deeply wise shaman with a seemingly-limitless capacity for compassion and encouragement. I feel so fortunate to have found her!”

Gentry U

“I had been searching for a yoga class that was more than physical, more than an athletic competition, more than simply exercise. Sometime during my first class with Tara, I knew I was home.”

Sandi K

“Thank you Tara for teaching me an easy yet powerful Lokananda yoga home practice that I used as a guide through a very challenging transition in my life. It continues to be a foundational tool for coming home to my body.”

Rachel B

“I am an 89 year old male artist-educator who had until 4 or 5 years ago only a casual and mostly unsuccessful experience with Yoga. But then I had the opportunity to join one of Tara Boyce’s weekend retreats which included daily yoga sessions.

Under Tara’s instruction I realized for the first time not only what yoga was about but what benefits it could offer me as a mind-body-spirit discipline suitable to my age. I also realized as a long-time teacher of art myself, that Tara is both a natural and master teacher who gave me the gift of what yoga could be for me.

After my first experience, I enrolled in a 10 day intensive with Tara in Hawaii, and a year later another Yoga training retreat with her in Colorado and then another in Arizona. Since then I have not only continued my personal practice, but taken private lessons from Tara whenever she was available in Tucson.

So what have I learned from her? First of all Tara’s attention to each student is caring and precise. In her retreats, usually two sessions a day lasting 2 ½ hours long I scarcely noticed the time as I was so deeply engaged. Her verbal meditations at the beginning and end of each session are profound explorations of one’s inner awareness that are by now natural to my own practice, preparing me to experience each posture with full inner attention.

I also noticed that Tara worked with me with each pose until I not only understood the posture, but could hold it comfortably right on the edge of my ability, and often for many minutes. In other words she taught me to start gently and comfortably at my level of skill, and as time has gone on, I continually improve and adapt to new levels of flexibility on my own.

I am also aware now that yoga, while a practice, is also a way of being, as I walk, rest, stand or sit in all the ordinary movements of my day. It has transformed my relationship with my aging body that gives me unexpected ease and flexibility I did not expect to have as I enter my 90th year of life. Which is to say Tara gave me the ‘experience’ of yoga in a way that is now with me daily and in a certain sense she is too.”

Lokananda® Yoga is a unique approach which expands your relationship to the energy pathways in your body and the field surrounding it. Lokananda® Yoga supports the embodiment of spirit and presence in your daily life.

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