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Jaya Tara Boyce

Shaped by over two decades of spiritual exploration and training in the holistic health fields, Tara has a wide range of tools to share with the world.

Tara offers keys to the pathways of consciousness by teaching ancient traditional wisdom that is grounded in modern times. The practices have roots in yoga, shamanism, tantra, meditation, bodywork, ayurveda, spiritual psychology, herbology, sacred herbs, plants and whole foods nutrition.

25 years ago she began walking the yoga path, studying with several modern day masters. Tara has been certified in 7 different styles of yoga, including Svaroopa, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Indra Devi and Kundalini yoga. Tara’s passion now leads her to travel the world sharing these teachings with others.

Her work contains a developmental body of knowledge that gives access to the realm of spirit.

Jaya Tara Boyce

Lokananda® Yoga

Lokananda® Yoga – “Loka” plane or place, “ananda” bliss

This series of yoga asanas allows for deep energetic re-patterning that creates space for expansive states of consciousness.

Spinal muscles along the entire length of the spine are attached to various bones and ligaments. These muscles can hold tension that impede the natural flow of energy. Lokananda® Yoga asanas release the muscle tension on both sides of the spine. Freeing obstructions along the spine calms and quiets the mind and central nervous system.

If the body holds memories of old ways of being, it can be challenging to integrate new fields of awareness and exploration. Blockages can occur even if one knows all the techniques and possesses all the tools.
When we release the muscles that run along the sides of the spine the energy can freely move through the ida (the channel on the left side of the body) and the pingala (the channel on the right side of the body). Once the energy is moving, it naturally finds harmony through both sides. This allows the energy to flow freely through the sushumna (the central column).

The ancient yogic text of the Pratyabhijnahrdyam says “The bliss of consciousness is acquired by the expansion of the central energy channel.”

This energy, referred to in many wisdom traditions as kundalini, or the great serpent power, is the creative energy of the universe.

Lokananda® Yoga offers the tools to connect and open to this ancient creative energy.

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