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Lokananda® Yoga Teacher Trainings 2022
in Silver City

We will be offering an in person/live 200 hour Lokananda® Yoga Teacher Training happening in Silver City, New Mexico:

Level 1 March 26-31, 2022
Level 2 July 7-14, 2022
Level 3 October 13-20, 2022

These three levels cover 180 hours of the 200 hour minimum for accreditation.

AND we are offering 20 hours of the Online Yoga Course for anyone who wishes to take both to go towards the Teacher Training Certification.

The Online yoga course will provide the tools for a deep, personal practice and will give you a nice foundation to come into the in person trainings.

The online course will be offered at a discounted rate to those signing up for the whole teacher training. Please inquire for details if interested.

*Also, if you have completed Level 1 and/or Level 2 Lokananda® Yoga Training and would like to complete your certification, please contact Tara.

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